Kevin (b. 1995) also known as King Bankrupt is a Norwegian artist with a degree from the Project School of Art. Bankrupt's artistry includes paintings, digital prints, clothing production and sculptures. The works have a combination of the figurative and the abstract.

Bankrupt was born and raised in Oslo, where he lives and works. He was always a creative person as a child, but did not start actively working with art until he was 18/19 years old. His artistic career began after a period marked by depression and intoxication. Today, his art is a way to vent his thoughts and feelings. 

In 2018, while still attending project school, Bankrupt debuted with his first exhibition in collaboration with Kunstneren Skrt. They created a concept called "On a holiday with low culture", where they combined art exhibitions and concerts in collaboration with, among others, Sebastian Zalo, Dutty Dior and more. After a successful exhibition and show with a number of visitors far above the venue's capacity, the artist's career began. When Bankrupt left Project School, he and some friends started Oslo Custom where they focused on transferring their art to clothes, shoes and much more. This developed over time to become BL_NK Gallery Oslo.

In large parts of Bankrupt's life, he has been affected by depression, intoxication and being misunderstood. It was through art that he finally managed to put his finger on his experience of society and the world we live in, a semi-abstract world. Through a life of roller coaster he has discovered three things that he appreciates; honesty, ability to implement and understanding for each other. He represents this in his art and philosophy. He wants to convey to others that wearing his own mask is not as bad as you think. That we should dare to pursue our dreams and not follow others, because we all have our own way to go. 

In his recent work, he has worked with a combination of the abstract and the figurative to promote how he experiences everyday life and the impressions he is left with. How emotions affect us at all times, even though we may not always understand them. How something as concrete as love can be interpreted and felt so abstract. Everyone experiences the world around us differently, so how can something so figurative become something so abstract. This is what Bankrupt addresses in his art. 

Bankrupt is not interested in limiting his work to just one style, he has worked extensively with graffiti, coal, oil, acrylic on canvas, sculptures in cardboard, concrete, plaster, vinyl, chicken wire, rooms and a holistic experience.

The works are produced in series that he himself experiences as a need for a narrative, characterized by experiences, feelings, thoughts and people around.


The Fallen

2.500,00 kr


14.000,00 kr

No Ca$h

2.500,00 kr

Bear No

2.500,00 kr


14.000,00 kr

Stick n Stones

33.000,00 kr


33.000,00 kr


11.000,00 kr


11.000,00 kr

To Dust We'll Be

11.000,00 kr


17.500,00 kr


33.000,00 kr

From Earth We Came

11.000,00 kr

80% Liquid

11.000,00 kr


11.000,00 kr

Disorder 2.0

28.000,00 kr


17.000,00 kr


15.000,00 kr

Fluid Flow

11.500,00 kr


11.000,00 kr


14.000,00 kr

Up In Smoke

25.000,00 kr

The Root

20.000,00 kr


12.000,00 kr


16.000,00 kr


16.590,00 kr

Hidden Smile

16.590,00 kr

North Pole

16.590,00 kr

Corrupt Angle

26.250,00 kr


26.000,00 kr


16.590,00 kr

Door to the Conscious

7.140,00 kr

3Headed Bear

5.040,00 kr