Photo artist Karl-Kristian is one of the country's most exciting art photographers. After going on several adventurous safari trips through Africa, Asia and Oceania, he has captured works of art about nature and close relationships with animals. Karl-Kristian has a burning passion to be a voice for animals, and he wants to present animals as human equals.

"I want to tell or try to give the people a greater understanding of life as a whole, and that we must take care of what is around us so that there is enough of the planet for the next generation. Take care of nature and the animals, and what I try to focus on with my photos is to bring out the personality, show those personalities, this is someone who has feelings and can think to their capacity, maybe, what I want concretely to show is that "look here, look inside these eyes, see this is a person somehow". They have a personality, they feel and think, so why should we treat them like shit.”

Karl-Kristian grew up on a small island called Bjorøy on the coast on the outskirts of Bergen. His mother has been a hobby photographer for a long time, and he was constantly allowed to borrow her camera throughout his upbringing. He chose to follow his passion and study Visual Arts in Australia to be able to conceptualize his ideas better and in more detail. He is inspired by other photographers and artists such as David Yarrow, Sebastiao Salgado, Nick Brand, Damien Hirst and Norwegian Christian Houge. 


Early Morning

14.000,00 kr

The Thinker

8.900,00 kr

Chilling Leopard

5.100,00 kr