The artist duo DoodleTwins consists of the two 14-year-old, identical twins Marcus and Nicolay Drazkowski.

The two twins have always had a special bond, and have worked together on creative projects since kindergarten. In addition to expressing themselves in subjects such as crafting and drawing, they have spent much of their free time making things and being creative. Here it has been everything from carpentry and nailing to drawing and painting. 

The creative interest has only grown stronger over the years, and they have been inspired by artists such as Takashi Murakami and Pushwagner. Creating expressions put together with many images put together has developed into a characteristic of the young artists, and is something they further develop on a daily basis next to the school.

With their playful and colorful brushstrokes, the identical twins create highly detailed works of art that bring life to any home. Their first exhibition "#daretobeedifferent" was based on daring to be different and to be oneself. The boys themselves have experienced what it is like to go against the flow and not play football and do what "everyone" did. They focused on their own drawing and painting, and want to inspire others to embrace being different.

They sold all their 20 original works in the series "#daretobeedifferent" during their first exhibition at BL_NK Gallery in November 2020 and 2021 has been a very eventful year for Marcus and Nicolay. With print release at BL_NK Gallery in March, been exhibited in Singapore via NBAS (Norwegian Business Association in Singapore) in April and has throughout the summer been exhibited at the joint exhibition "In The Eyes of the Child" at Kunsthallen in Bjørvika. In June, they launched their first NFT's in collaboration with Isah and Dutty Dior's EP launch "Both Two". 


Isah x Dutty

550,00 kr

Isah x Dutty x Flowermonster

550,00 kr


4.000,00 kr


4.000,00 kr


3.800,00 kr

Crazy Flower V2

4.499,00 kr


550,00 kr


2.940,00 kr


4.200,00 kr

Five-Leaf Clover

4.799,00 kr

Star Flower

4.799,00 kr


2.940,00 kr

hype boi

2.940,00 kr

Grateful Flower

5.040,00 kr

Crazy Flower

3.570,00 kr


2.799,00 kr


8.500,00 kr

Blood Moon

8.500,00 kr


8.500,00 kr


33.000,00 kr


35.000,00 kr

China Market

3.780,00 kr