Pål Dailey Christoffersen started an education as a nurse in 2014 before he found out after one year that it was art that interested him and inspired him the most. He then moved from his hometown Larvik to Oslo in 2015 and spent 2 years at Strykejernet art school to develop his skills.

Like many others, Dailey began drawing in school textbooks, and being able to express himself creatively has been something he has needed since childhood. For him, the most important thing is that the process and the works of art he makes are fun. "The whole reason I do art is because I think it's fun, and I want people to see that when they see my art too."

He finds inspiration by looking at other artists, and nature has always been an important element and a source of inspiration, which sometimes also shows in the art he develops. "Art means a lot to me, and is both my way of completely disconnecting, but at the same time working hard towards what I want."



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