Thomas Blix, also known as BLISS, has more or less grown up in the studio of his mother, the artist Tine Blix. The young artist from Asker has been drawing for as long as he can remember and has studied at Asker Art Vocational School.

In the last year, Bliss' career has gained momentum. In the summer of 2020, he won the 'Dream Scholarship' and he was one of the few artists who got to decorate the outdoor area for Asker municipality. His first solo exhibition at BL_NK this winter was a success, and he has really started to make a name for himself in the urban art community in Oslo.

Postmodern art inspired by expressionism, as well as the use of strong colors and words have become part of his artistic characteristics. He is also strongly inspired by music, and especially hip-hop. "When I paint, I think that the canvas is like the rhythm, the paints are the instruments and the brushstrokes are the words. When I bring these elements together, I create a visual work of art in the same way that a composer creates a melody. " 


Get Rich or Die Trying

3.800,00 kr

Chase The Bag

3.800,00 kr


3.800,00 kr

Alien Gothic

3.800,00 kr

Factory Fur

2.800,00 kr


5.775,00 kr


5.775,00 kr

Colorful Nude

15.960,00 kr


11.340,00 kr


5.775,00 kr


13.230,00 kr