Atle Østrem

Atle Østrem

Atle is an artist with a background from the urban graffiti environment in Oslo and Stavanger. His works often explore the crossroads between ‘the beauty and the beast’, combining the best of both worlds.

“The iconic characters are both playful and dark. Childish and thought-provoking. They live in an inner world and capture the flowing elements of everyday life and emotional life. When we put the spotlight on them, they have the power to really show us what it means to be human. "

Atle's art includes solo exhibitions in Norway, and also Germany and the USA. He has also been responsible for a number of public and private decorations in Oslo and Stavanger.


Wabi Sabi

3.675,00 kr

Animal Kingdom

3.675,00 kr

9 Times

3.990,00 kr


4.725,00 kr